With EV affordability on the rise, where is focus needed the most?

3 June 2024

EV not just about cars, but also two- and three-wheelers in Asia

The end of the China miracle?

4 April 2024

Guest writer and political commentator John West writes about the choices China’s faced with given Xi Jinping’s leadership objectives

The effects of Japan’s public markets surge are being felt in the private market

13 February 2024

Japan’s stock market is reaching post-bubble economy highs, and this is benefiting the private market too, writes Motoya Kitamura, co-founder/ director of LUCA Japan

The European Cold War never really ended!

1 August 2023

We speak with John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute, who shares his views on how the current events in Europe suggests that the first European Cold War may never have really ended

How is Southeast Asia dealing with changing trade dynamics?

25 April 2023

We speak with Stephen Olson, trade expert and senior research fellow at the Hinrich Foundation, about geopolitical trends resulting in the shifting global trade landscape and Southeast Asian economies' response

Digitalisation for financial inclusion

23 March 2021

Rosy Khanna, Asia-Pacific regional industry director for financial institutions at International Finance Corporation, talks to us about the digitalisation of finance and accompanying trends

The end of liberal hegemony, and not of history

13 October 2020

We speak with John West, executive director of the Asian Century Institute on how the US has made a giant mess of much of its foreign policy since the end of the Cold War, three decades ago

Digital banks must become lifestyle partners

6 October 2020

We speak with Darren Thayre, director of innovation and digital transformation, Global Strategic Initiatives at Google, about the importance of culture and the consumer in digital banking